Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cure or Hocus Pocus:

am 20 years old now (It still sounds odd to acknowledge that.) and I have had migraines since I was 16 years old. Migraines are typically stress induced tension headaches that that cause a person to exhibit a higher velocity of pain. I often, as per habit, avoid bright locations, as light stimulates my migraines. As I am an avid lover of café I cannot bring myself to deal away with that. Also on a side note to that, since I have been drinking coffee since I was near 15 or 14 years old I find I have nearly adapted to the negative effects of it. This may not work for all people and it is not a scientifically viable way to avoid caffiene crashes, headaches, or the 'espresso jitters'. Honestly, each person understands their body. And it is up to you guys to try and see which things your body does or does not agree with (Within the range of a doctors approval of course). 
So on to the point of the post. Shall we. I recently read an article written by Esrom Aritonang called "Treatment for Mirgriane--Alternatives Best Cure for Your Severe Headache" who suggested something other than the standard dose of doctor mandated pharmaceuticals. Since I stopped taking the little blue monster of a pill near about two years this article peeked my interest. In it he mentions all the standard 'cures' for migraines. 
No alcohol
Not coffee
No bright lights
Stress management 
Reduction of salt, junk food, and sour dairy products like yogurt, buttermilk or vinegar. 
However among all these options was something new though. Something intriguing. Rosemary Tea. I am partial to any sort of teas. Really I think I just like hot beverages in general. I adore a warm mulled cider in autumn, pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, hot cocoa in winter, cold tea in spring, and hot tea at any given time.  But Rosemary Tea. Never thought of it. Though Aritonang was started to have said that Rosemary Tea was "able to reduce migraine pain".  
Worth a shot, I thought. 
So I tried it. Not straight Rosemary because it was morning time, I was just settling into my poached egg, kale and devotional. So, long story short here's what I came up with:

Pre-Autumn Mulled Tea:

Cup water
Slice of Apple
Two mint leaves
Four Rosemary leaves (sprigs?)
Pumpkin spice seasoning (optional)
Quarter of a cut lime

1. Boil a teacup (mug, coffee cup, etc.) of water.
2. Add a sliver of an apple, dash of pumpkin spice seasoning*, four leaves (sprigs?) of Rosemary, two mint leaves, and the quarter piece of lime. 
3. Steep for one-two(ish) minutes.**

* I really didn't taste the pumpkin spice so next time I probably won't bother with it. Though I may swap it for ginger as it is a natural detoxifying spice. :-)

** Do not over steep, this will turn extremely acidic and end up trysting like lime juice. Also it's best not to let it get cold. I mean some teas are just best when they are drunk hot. Right.

So did it work? 
Sure it did. It's not like I avidly sought out stressors though to try and peek a mirgriane but I also didn't get a headache all day. 

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