Thursday, March 13, 2014

in depth

So lately guys I have just been going through it. Spiritual as well as physical trails and oppressions. ( I'll spare the details for the sake of this text) Anyway God just gave me (or opened my eyes to) the most wonderful gift!! We all have different ways that we do our in depth studies, but lately it seems like I haven't known how (or Satan made me forget) how to study God's word. But this morning God taught me again using my Grandpa's guidance. It was like God giving me back this huge piece of him. I have this paper from him that goes in depth on a verse in Job and I never really "read it", you know. But it just taught me how the understand a verse. So I tested it. (Marvel-mazing, these times call for two spliced together words) God just sent me back to a verse I had been tinkering with for a bit. 
So I found this biblical dictionary for KJV bibles online and looked first at knowledge, how it applied solely to the context of Genesis, how it differed from wisdom because I learned there is a huge(!!) difference. Then I defined good, evil, and what it biblically (in that context) means to die. 
And so I came away with the interpretation of:
By eating of the tree?we acquired (knowledge) both the best and worse (good&evil) qualities that are both natural and and moral in kind. These qualities corrupted the purity that came from God when he breathed life into us. The tree therefore held the disease (shalt surely die) by which our pure spirits died. And yet...(sounds like a tv aid "but wait there's more..." :-))
The Spiritual/emotional meaning behind it:
God in this verse shows us yet again of his love for us. For because he has known us from the beginning and because he did not allow our spirits to remain dead but sent a reviver (Jesus) than he has had to have loved us from the beginning. And if this was the greatest betrayal humanity could do against God and God's love was strong enough to forgive this betrayal than all other betrayals can be forgiven to if we chose (for humans were given free will, but that's an in depth for another time) to believe that the ugliness of our sins have already been paid for.

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