Tuesday, March 4, 2014

going in depth with the psalms:

So guys I have decided to start a series; an in depth breakdown of the Psalms. Basically it will be how certain verses spoke to me, or my interpretation of the verses. Sometimes I will go verse by verse, other times I will combine a couple verses. Either way I am not beginning at chapter 1 but rather will do some sort of haphazard tackling of the Psalms


Ps. 119:9:
The Bible is out guide, one of God's many gifts to his people. We should be placing our heart before Jesus jus as our actions should be held up to the light of his word's righteousness. The Bible offers solace, answers to questions, but also convicts us when we are wrong, or straying from Jesus. 
We should be completely submitted to not just Jesus's will for us but to the Bible's words. We cannot pick and choose which Commandment fits into this world and which do not. Rev. 22:18-19 tells us we are not able to add or subtract from the word of God, if the words are in the Bible they were conveyed to the prophets and disciples for a reason. 
Ps. 119:11-14:
Jesus gives us verses that mean more (in the sense that they were spoken to by that verse) to one Christian than to another because Jesus knows our hearts are different just as we as humans are different, spiritually and physically. We all have verses that we keep inside of us and remind ourselves of during tribulations, repeating God's words out loud is powerful and we take comfort and joy in knowing that we are being continuously prepared and molded into the person Jesus foresaw us becoming. Because he who can take criticism from The Lord and allow that critique to change their hearts will gain a sustainable wisdom, humility, and reverence of the living God. 
The way God speaks to us varies in accordance to his will, sometimes it is direct, sometimes he rises up a fellow Christian to convey his message, signs etc but then their are the times when he seeks to reveal something to us through his word. We are called to mediate by pondering his word in reflection and great joy knowing that this one book has all the answers to all the mysteries of the world. 
God chooses when to reveal these mysteries to us based on how far each of us are in our walk with him. But we all are delighted in his word because of the solace and wisdom it brings. We strive to memorize verses that impacted us so that perhaps we can convey some encouragement to our brothers and sisters in Christ so that through us Jesus can strengthen their walks. However we are also called to never forget the word, where we came from, that we were once that new believer. That simply because we now may understand more, or intellectually grasp the Bible more than that newly born-again Christian does, doesn't make us better than them. No human is greater than another, and no humans gifts are more prestigious than another. If anything we should look to the new believers for their fire is like a child's, the are excited in the word, excited that their eyes have been opened after having been blind for so long. But really we are cautioned not to forget the word because of its reminders and instructions on how to lively a Godly life, that we are to love every human equally because Jesus was greater than us all and he humbled himself simply so that we could connect with him and by connecting empathetically we could come to him, open our hearts and accept his gifts.  

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