Thursday, March 20, 2014

caution to the wind

 I Kings 12:24:
God's people were divided, in disunion amongst who should be King, Solomon's son Rehoboam or Jeroboam. But God because of Solomon's disobedience had already taken the throne from David's seed temporally. And so it was that thousands of chosen warriors were sent to fight against the house of Israel until The Lord spoke to a man of faith Shemaiah and told him not to take up arms and fight against his brethren but to return every warrior to his tent for God said "this thing is from me." And the assembled warriors "hearkened therefore the word of the Lord, and returned to depart, according to the word of the Lord."(12:24) 
I thought I would share just how amazing this verse seemed to me. How it convicted me. How often I doubt when The Lord speaks to me. I never thought I was doing this but this verse just showed me that I have been lately so cautious. I don't want to do anything that isn't of the Lord so I second guess myself. I tell myself pray on it more, and it's not a particularly bad thing it's just that if God has confirmed something for me so clearly once than I shouldn't allow myself the time to be cautious. I should do as these warriors of God did hearken God's voice and depart from the humanity in me that is telling me what if it is not of The Lord. I think it may be because I have just come out of a time of not praying that I feel like in a way I forgotten what it feels like to know when God has confirmed something for me. 

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