Friday, February 28, 2014


John 15:1-17:
These verses refers to the followers of Jesus, those who already know him. He is our vine and we are the branches that come from that vines nourishment. Without it we perish. We have a very intimate relationship with Jesus and though that relationship we allowed to come before God without being sanctified. Also, because the vineyard or the image of the vine symbolizes Israel,(Jer.2:21& used after the 1st Jewish revolt) by saying this Jesus is saying that he is now the true Israel (what symbolizes it I mean) which corresponds to his breaking away from the temple (John8:59) and to Pilate proclaiming him to be the King of the Jews (John 19:19) so what these verses are conveying to me is that Jesus has been replaced as the identifier to Jews rather than them identifying themselves with their nation or the promise land . God made Jesus the new promise land and we Jews and non-Jews alike are the new people of God. 

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