Friday, February 28, 2014

temples and sacraments:

I Kings 6:
Because Israel(Judah) was finally at rest under Solomon's rule he could build God his proper temple.This chapter talks solely about the ornaments that were used to adorn God's temple and man the diligence of the building of this, how meticulous everything was set forth, the olive trees, carvings of cherubims, floors overlaid with gold. Can you just imagine it. They must have cleaned such a precious thing on a daily if not hourly basis. Well when Jesus died for our sins, he became Emmanuel(God with us). We became God's temple, are we cleaning our hearts regularly. Lifting them up in comparison to Jesus, placing our actions next to the word of God to see we are acting in accordance to it. This temple was Judah's pride and joy, for it  was the dwelling place of the one living God. We are the dwelling place of the one living God. It's time to start treating our hearts and souls how Solomon treated the Lords temple. Our walk with The Lord should be built up on a strong foundation the influences we let into our hearts should be meticulously observed to discern if they are of the Lord or of this world. Our heart should be lifted to Jesus, are sins should be laid bare to him and our hearts cleaned with diligence. That is what is convicting me today. I will be praying for you sisters for the same thing.

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