Monday, January 27, 2014

the brokenhearteds.

"For the promise is unto you and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." (Acts 2:39)
 There is a promise made by God that if we accept his son and believe a faultless man would lay down his life for the lives of broken sinners. Than we shall receive the promise of Baptism which gives us the Holy Ghost which gives us strength. The Lord called his disciples to be his Ambassadors to go forth into the world and proclaim his name. This world needs love and humans need answers. Skeptics and critics say they need infallible truths; evidence of an omnipotent being. But what this world really craves is faith. Reading the Bible with faith unlocks it's deeper truths. Being called a Christian was once an insult and it is soon becoming an insult again. People regard you differently when you say you are a follower of Christ. They begin to wonder; are they really a believer or do they just say they are a Christian? A teacher once asked his class "Why don't Christians read they're Bible, if I  believe the God of the universe wrote a book than handed it to me why would I not want to read it?" It's taken me a while to realize my selfishness, I've been so concerned with changing myself that I have forgotten the promises God has given me. It is not the time to worry but the time to act. I am saved, I believe, I have my faith. What of the broken souls out there? When exactly was it that I stopped praying for the girls who believe they are too fat and so stop eating, for the boys who believe life would be better if they were dead, the rape victims, the abused, the ones lost to prescription pills, alcohol, and sex. I had forgotten where I came from and just how deep the hole was that God had to pluck me from. I forgot in my selfishness that there are people out there suffering, God was merciful to give me a compassion that is so heart breaking I find I weep randomly for the world. It is time for me to stop thinking and start believing that Jesus can use me to help this world. 

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