Wednesday, December 18, 2013

the truths of the world

"And you shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free" John 8:32
I've never really had one favorite Bible verse, but this one is...everything. If you could sum up how a Christian feels when they read the Bible this would be it, we are reading the truth. What a weight that is to know that the God of the universe created a book and told the world's peoples that they no longer have to be curious or live in ignorance. Is it not just awe inspiring to know that God knew from the beginning that we would seek the truths of this world, that because we are humans and faulty we would doubt. This one line no matter how many times you say it out loud holds its weight. It declares the words of the Bible to be the truth. How wonderful, merciful, joyous. Not only does God loves us much that He sent Jesus to free us from the chains of our sins because He wanted an intimate and personal relationship with us but He gave all the truths of the world. I was once told that words have power because once written they can't be unwritten. Never has that seemed more true, I never noticed the power the words of the Bible has until I went to prayer last Sunday and heard them read out loud. And I know I've heard the Bible read aloud before it's just that this felt like I was hearing the truth in them for the first time. It just amazes me how this is the only book ever written that no matter how many times you read the same verses it always holds new meaning, gives us new enlightenments. It breaks my heart that their are people out ready to give up on life believing what philosophers told them is the truth that their actions have made them deformed or unlovable. That their eyes have so clouded as to see only the pain of this world that they think it better to destroy the most precious thing God gave them than to give in to the truth. Because with giving in you give away yourself, you chose to accept a certain amount of blind faith. But really their is no blind faith with Jesus is there? Their is blind faith in believing in Evolution because you can't physically observe a primate changing species. But their is power when truthful words are written, unlike the Qur'an truthful words can be translated into any language and still retain its power. That their are people out their today being so oppressed by Satan and his dark numbness that they cannot see Jesus's light or his truth is so convicting for me. God didn't just give me the truths of the World but He gave them to the world. And Gods' made me realize that I have been coveting them. 

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