Friday, November 15, 2013

those smooth talkers

"How then can you comfort me with empty words, Since falsehood remains in your answers?" Job 21:34
Satan and his followers are smooth talkers my friends. 
Their words strike out at me and as God screams in my soul "They are lies." The Devil is quick to wage his war inside me. I found at those moments it is easy to fall and hard to discover that you have fallen. That simple words effected the power of the Holy Spirit within me. It took a long time of repentance, self-examination, praying, and crying out to The Lord to realize that the words I had spoken had hardened my heart. Blessed am I that The Lord would grace me with the knowledge to understand my faults so that I may repent.  May The Lord continue to show me when I am wrong, may he mold me and you into the servants He deserves. If it is His will He will lead me, change me, and grant me wisdom. How exalted is He who cares for the sinners. How merciful is He to use sinners to bring peace to those suffering in this world. 

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